Being Rebellious While Young; A Chip Off the Old Block

January 26, 2017 Sergio Tinoco

Being Rebellious While Young; A Chip Off the Old Block

Two types of people exist in this world—those who follow the rules set upon them and those who simply don’t. I was the latter, for the most part.

All my life, my grandparents raised me in a life of picking crops. It was hard work. My knees were bent all day while the scorching sun beat down on my back. Sometimes there was rain. I still remember how I ran with the others towards my grandfather’s old Ford for cover. It was a rough life, and I wanted something more out of it.

I couldn’t see myself doing field work for the rest of my life. I wanted to escape, which was ironic considering I was raised in a tightly-knit family. How could I want escape? But I did. I wanted freedom.

My rebellious tendencies sprung from this grueling situation. Where my dad (grandfather), brothers (uncles), and sister (aunt) worked all day in the fields either picking crops or weeds, I sought to work two jobs after school, one as a waiter at a Chinese restaurant and the other as a cashier at a local beer store. Not only that, I wanted to enter the Marines, much to both my grandparents’ disappointment.

It was arduous to balance school and my two jobs, but my determination saw me through. I was going to make more out of my just-above-poverty-line life.

I’ll give my mother some credit for my rebellious streak. She was an independent, strong woman who needed no man. There was one time, however, when she thought we needed to talk about my biological father. I had none of it. I felt that there was no need to.

I bore the same headstrong attitude towards life as her. There was another time when these other kids bullied me. My mom, unlike any other mom who would have rushed to their son’s aid if they saw him getting beaten up, yelled at me instead and said that I would receive a worse beating from her if I didn’t stand up and fight back. Though tears streaked down my face, I got the courage to do the exact same thing and successfully defended myself.

In a way, I was proud to be a chip off the old block. Yes, I went against the grain that caused hurt feelings for both my grandparents. I might have even sounded ungrateful for everything they had done for me with my defiance, but it was also because of my rebellious nature that I was able to elevate my status to where it is today.

If I hadn’t rebelled, I might have just been an ordinary field worker for the rest of my life.


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  1. Mr. Sergio Tinoco:
    This article is quite exquisite; it reminds me of the stories my mother would tell about her childhood. She grew up on a farm picking cotton, so whenever she feels as if I am acting out of line, she recalls when she had to slave out in the hot sun and compares her youth with mine (to my dismay). I aspire to be as hard-working as you; once I come of age, I wish to get a job to save up for college (I may even get multiple to help my parents with bills). Stubbornness runs in my family (as does yours, which is proven by this article). Ever since I was young, I wouldn’t take no for an answer, however I eventually grew out of that as it would get me in great trouble. I completely agree with your thesis about being rebellious, after all, if you wish to change the world, you must differ from what the rest of the world is doing.

    1. Sarah,

      I appreciate your response to this blog. With regards to no longer being stubborn, I must encourage you to continue. Continue in a way that it is beneficial to achieving your goals; not to get you into trouble. I had the same mindset in elementary. I had to learn how to properly and effectively keep on fighting for my dreams and goals. You NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR GOALS!

      Sergio Tinoco

  2. I really like this little story but i want to know what your thought on freedom?No matter what point of view someone has i see freedom as some thing you can only escape by death,did you think that at one point?

    1. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it this way or believed freedom to be this way. People have gone and continue to go to great lengths in order to achieve freedom, not escape it. The sacrifices people are willing to make are done not just for themselves but for countless other people as well.

      Sergio Tinoco

  3. I think its amazing that you wanted more than yourself.I would love to read more about your life.Your writing is amazing.Thank you for inspiring me , so I know that I can always do better for myself.

    1. Life will always present new obstacles to us. The key is to never stop trying to achieve our goals. Look around you from time to time and simplify matters to the simplest of facts; Others have achieved it – SO WE CAN TO!!!

    2. Remember to always keep things simple when faced with challenges and doubts. Look around you wherever you go and SEE that any career you decide to have IS POSSIBLE!

      Sergio Tinoco

  4. good story;my moms family woad pick crops as will.My mom will never beat me but in -courage me to not get bulled by other people.

  5. If it wasn’t for you rebelling would you have still tried to become what you wanted, or would have just worked in the fields? I’ve done rebellious things that got me where I am today, and not one bit do I regret it, do you regret what you did? oh and by the way, this was an amazing story.

    1. Lailah,

      I think that since in my mind I began rebelling since the age of seven, there was just no stopping it later on. Rebelling isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just going against what so many consider to be the norm. As long as you’re seeking a positive outcome and outlook on life.

      Sergio Tinoco

  6. This is really good and relatable Your mother seemed harsh but she probably didn´t want you to give up.
    Hey have you ever wanted to go back to your old life or do you like the life you´ve choosen?

    1. I enjoy the life I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I love my past and I try to honor it every day. If not for my past, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now.

      Sergio Tinoco

  7. Even if some don’t think so, I think this stage of your life was both very important, and relatable. It’s inspiring, and I feel like it could change how some people will take on similar situations.

  8. my thoughts are the two people in this world , one side that follow the rulers and the other side with that simply. wow those to sides .

  9. Sergio went through so much hard work and pain. Being young and working is one of the hardest thing to do. In my experience, it is hard work and moving back and forth, meeting new people, leaving old friends, is very hard. Being a migrant is no joke. Its a way of making a living and trying to move on. For many people like us, their might not be a future but they can always try. This inspires me to keep my hopes up and do what i gotta do to reach my goal.

    1. Orely,

      I’m sure you’ve heard your family talk about how bad things were for them when they were young. They’ve worked hard so that you don’t have to live like they used to. Life might still be tough for you and unfortunately that is life. The key thing here is to see how far your parents have come; that in itself IS Hope. The fact that you now have a goal to go even further IS Hope.
      Hope is all around us because every where we look, we see a professional who shows us that anything IS Possible.
      Never give up.

      Sergio Tinoco

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